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Eastern River Cattle Ground Beef
Morning Glory Featured Stories
Say Goodbye to That Sluggish Metabolism
The metabolism is made up of a complex system of hormones and enzymes that help convert food into usable forms of energy.

Is Activating Brown Fat the Key to Weight Loss?
A new study supports the notion that increasing the activity of brown fat may help people lose weight and/or control blood sugar levels.
Running Could Add 3 Years to Your Lifespan
Runners may live an average three years longer than people who don't run, according to new research.
Creamy Strawberry-Rhubarb Smoothie
Yes, rhubarb in a smoothie! Whip up this rich smoothie when you’re craving a milkshake but want a healthy, nondairy option. Hint: Make extra for sharing.
Don't Let Kids Drink Pool Water
Pools can provide much-needed relief from the summer heat, but kids can make themselves sick if they swallow too much chlorinated water, experts warn
Is Coffee Aggravating Your Hot Flashes?
Drinking caffeine may worsen the hot flashes and night sweats that affect roughly two-thirds of women as they go through menopause, new survey data suggests.
Morning Glory Natural Foods (ME) Health Tips
Aging: genetics vs. lifestyle
Did you know that only about 30 percent of the characteristics of aging are genetically determined? The other 70 percent are linked to lifestyle. Regular exercise and a whole-food diet, including mainly fresh and organic produce, can help tip the balance of health in your favor.

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